Home Sleep Apnea testing made simple

Home Sleep Apnea Testing Made Simple

BlueSleep offers an FDA-cleared, Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT) test for an accurate and easy way to diagnose Sleep Apnea. The 3-night Home Sleep Test is normally covered by insurance, depending on your deductible. Insurance requires a positive home sleep test result for sleep apnea to pay for an oral appliance or CPAP machine.

How to use our Home Sleep Test?

A step-by-step tutorial video on how to use the NightOwl disposable home sleep apnea testing device to complete your home sleep study.

This step-by-step instructional video explains how to use WatchPAT ONE Home Sleep Apnea Test device.

This step by step instructional video explains how to use the ApneaLink Air Home Sleep Test device.

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