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How Telemedicine Works

How It Works

Sleep apnea and home sleep testing by telemedicine
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Recognize the Problem

Sleep Apnea affects millions of people. Symptoms include: loud snoring, waking up gasping for air, and interruptions in breathing while asleep.

Make an Appointment at BlueSleep

You will be able to have a telemedicine consult with one of our medical  sleep specialists  from the comfort of your home!

Get Your Home Sleep Test

You can either pick up a home sleep test device at our main office or from one of our network doctors. If there isn’t one nearby, the device will be shipped to your home.

Take the Home Sleep Test

Take a sleep test in your own bed! The device will give us the information we need to evaluate the quality of your sleep. No need for a sleep lab!

Choose the Treatment That's Best For You​

Next, discuss the results of your home sleep test with our sleep doctors and together decide on the best treatment for you:  it could be one of our night-time mouth guards, a CPAP machine, weight loss, or a referral for minor surgery.

Get a Good Night's Sleep​

Once you choose your treatment, you will be able to get the sleep you’ve been missing out on!