A Step-by-Step Guide to Home Sleep Testing

We guide you at every step – from selecting the right test, explaining the process, to consulting on the results. Let us help you towards a restful night's sleep.
A Step-by-Step Guide to
Home Sleep TestingA Step-by-Step Guide to
Home Sleep Testing

Introduction to Home Sleep Testing

Can a simple-looking device that wraps around your finger really measure sleep quality and sleep disorder breathing? Yes! And, they’re FDA approved and cost-effective too. They provide a simultaneous recording of heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory analysis, and sleep time using a photoplethysmography sensor (PPG) applied to the finger and connected to an app on your phone.
Taken together, these measurements add up to an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) recording the number of breathing pauses per hour of sleep. Based on this score, you’ll be diagnosed with mild, moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea, or none at all.
It’s important to get tested for Sleep Apnea, especially if you snore and wake repeatedly. Narrowing of the throat when asleep is what causes sleep apnea and in turn this causes a drop in oxygen in all the organs in your body including your brain and heart. Sleep apnea is linked to type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, as well as daytime sleepiness and loss of sexual vigor. Hence our motto, Sleep Better, Live Longer.
BlueSleep has successfully diagnosed tens of thousands of patients with Sleep Apnea using Home Sleep Tests. In very rare cases (less than one percent of cases), you may need to go to a sleep lab for a polysomnography (PSG), the older sleep test which requires many more sensors on your body and spending a night in a facility.
Take a Home Sleep Test

How Our Service Stands Out?

BlueSleep’s is 100% focused on sleep health. That means finding the most innovative and accurate Home Sleep Test and having outstanding sleep specialists to read your results and to provide an expert diagnosis and treatment plan.
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Board-Certified Sleep Specialists
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FDA-approved Home Sleep Tests and Interpretation
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Pre- and Post-Treatment Home Sleep Test to Measure Success
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Insurance verification and pre-authorizations for ease and affordability
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Comprehensive support throughout the process

How Much Does a Home Sleep Test Cost?

BlueSleep accepts medical insurance, and patients normally have a copay or coinsurance, typically ranging from $20-$70 depending on the insurance plan. This amount varies by insurance company. We recommend checking with your insurance company to determine your specific benefits and actual cost.
*Note that BlueSleep is considered a “Specialist” visit, not a “Primary Care” visit.
*Note that an FDA-approved Home Sleep Test by a licensed medical provider is required by insurance companies to pay for sleep apnea treatment.
BlueSleep offers a self-pay (no insurance) discounted rate of $204, which aligns closely with the out-of-pocket cost for the home sleep test.
We charge $19 for shipping and handling the device to your home. Please note insurance usually doesn’t cover this cost, however you can check with your FSA, HSA for coverage.

The Home Sleep Test Process

Receive your device for the test
Receive your device for the test
After reviewing your sleep questionnaire and sleep history during the initial visit, the provider may recommend a Home Sleep Test. We ship the test to arrive at your home usually within three business days (we ship by UPS or USPS priority mail).
Follow the instructions
Follow the instructions
Have no fear. The set-up process is remarkably easy. Just follow the instructions provided below, and watch the instructional videos before use.
Taking the test is easy:
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Pair the device with your phone
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Attach the device to your hand or finger
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Keep it on all night, even if you get up to go to the bathroom
Don’t delay taking the test
Don’t delay taking the test
You don’t want to put off your treatment for health reasons, and insurance companies have a time limit on the pre-authorization for the test. Furthermore, if you haven’t completed the test within 30 days, BlueSleep charges $200 for the test.
Wait for follow-up visit
Prepare for a follow-up visit to review your results
Your follow-up visit to review your test results occurs about two weeks after your initial visit. This allows time to take the test and for BlueSleep to score the results.

Instructions for Home Sleep Test

A step-by-step tutorial for setting up your home sleep test. Remember to place the device on your index finger and leave it on all night, even if you get up at night.
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A step-by-step PDF Patient instructions for setting up your home sleep test.
View instruction
A step-by-step tutorial for setting up your 1-night home sleep test.
A step-by-step tutorial for setting up your 3-night home sleep test.


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