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About us

Experts in All Aspects of Sleep

Our mission is to offer the advantage of a good night's sleep to all.

Telemedicine allows us to reach all of you in a safe and cost effective manner. ​Boosting immunity and achieving optimal health is more critical than ever. Good sleep is one of the main pillars of health. ​

SLeep Treatment

Your Good Sleep is our Priority.

BlueSleep offers personalized diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders - based on our medical research and treatment of over 20,000 patients.  We offer the newest sleep tech and all treatments via telemedicine, including oral appliance therapy and CPAP.

How it's done

3 Easy Steps

Diagnosing snoring and sleep apnea and offering affordable treatment options to help patients sleep better.

Online Consultation

Book a 20 min telemedicine consultation with one of our providers to get you started.

Home Sleep Test

We will ship you a personal disposable home sleep test;  covered by most insurances. Take the sleep test at home.

Oral Appliances and More

Review the results of your sleep test with our specialists and choose the optimal treatment.

What our patients say

I enjoyed how Dr. Stern explained the results of my sleep test and recommended things I can do to help with my sleep.

– Natassja B.

The virtual visit was fantastic. A HUGE time-saver for everyone and I received the information and guidance I needed.

– Rich S.

Very professional, made feel confident and I’m looking forward for the next visit!

– Jonathan B.

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Diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea