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                     Do you Suffer from?

                                                               Snoring and poor sleep

                                                                       Difficulty losing weight

                                                                       Erectile dysfunction (ED)

                                                                       Sexual disinterest

                                                                       Feeling tired, anxious and depressed

                                                                       Poor memory and concentration 

                                                                       High blood pressure & atrial fibrillation

                                                                       Stroke, diabetes, and heart disease

                                                                       Complications of pregnancy


Dr. Stern was prompt, thoughtful, and professional. He seems quite knowledgeable, and took my concerns seriously. The office was organized and efficient. Highly recommend!

Vincent P. 

A Message From Our Founder
Jordan Stern, MD

"You deserve to be the best you can be: Our mission is to offer the advantage of a good night's sleep to all.

I consider sleep to be one of the main pillars of health.  BlueSleep offers expertise in medical research and treatments of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders - with the newest sleep tech and all treatments under one roof"


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