BlueSleep: Your #1 Choice for Virtual Diagnosis & Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Experience faster, more affordable, and quality sleep care with BlueSleep. We’re a team of Sleep Specialists dedicated to helping patients achieve a better night’s sleep and a healthier life.

Trusted Sleep Specialists

Founded over 12 years ago, BlueSleep’s medical team includes Sleep Specialists board certified in Otolaryngology, Neurology, Pulmonary Medicine, and Dental Sleep Medicine. All medical providers provide telemedicine visits and some offer in-clinic visits. The medical staff is supported by an Operations Team that provides same-day responses to questions about scheduling, home sleep testing, treatments and billing.

Fast and Affordable Care

At BlueSleep, we prioritize your time and your budget. We offer:
Wait for follow-up visit
Same-day, no-wait, video visits with board-certified Sleep Specialists;
Receive your device for the test
Same-day shipping of single patient use home sleep tests;
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Instant sleep data transmission to our secure BlueSleep portal;
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Proven and affordable treatments – CPAP and custom-made medical mouthguards to treat sleep apnea and snoring – Covered in network by most medical insurance plans.

Successful Medical Partnerships

BlueSleep has developed clinical partnerships with leading healthcare providers, including Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC) Cardiology and Bariatrics; Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Primary Care and Cardiology teams; in Florida; Shapely in California for weight loss, and Eastern Dental in New Jersey.

Technology Innovators

BlueSleep has patient-focused technology to enhance your experience:
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patient-centric portal for easy access to information and communication;
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sleep screener for initial assessment;
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same-day scheduling for appointments;
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home sleep testing for convenient diagnosis.
BlueSleep is constantly innovating and has collaborated with FitBit, ProSomnus Labs, Olympus Medical, and many other medical and consumer sleep-focused companies to evaluate new diagnostics and treatments.