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Do you snore? Get tested for Sleep Apnea today.

Sleep Apnea leads to many health problems including: cardiovascular disease; cancer; type II diabetes; weight gain; low oxygen levels, and lower life expectancy.

54 million

Americans have Sleep Apnea

3 x

the risk of premature death if you have sleep apnea


of obese patients have sleep apnea


of men with sleep apnea have sexual performance problems

Are you worried that you may have sleep apnea or insomnia? Find out today.

Start here. Take our quick and easy sleep screener to begin your diagnosis and treatment journey.

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Schedule a same-day video visit with a Board-Certified BlueSleep Specialist.

A BlueSleep Sleep Specialist will review your sleep questionnaire and discuss your sleep problem, and may recommend a home sleep test which is required for insurance to pay for sleep apnea treatment.

A man illustrates how to use a home sleep test device

Take a 3-night, FDA-approved, Home Sleep Test to diagnose Sleep Apnea.

After your 1st video visit, your BlueSleep Specialist may recommend a home sleep test that diagnoses Sleep Apnea; measures blood oxygen levels; tracks your heart rate; and estimates sleep time. It's covered by insurance and required by insurers to cover CPAP or Oral Device treatment for Sleep Apnea.


Discuss your home sleep test results with your BlueSleep Specialist.

Learn about your blood oxygen levels and the number of times you stopped breathing at night. Depending on the results, you may be diagnosed with mild, moderate or severe sleep apnea.

A man illustrates how to use a home sleep test device

Start Sleep Apnea Treatment with CPAP or an Oral Device.

Get an FDA-approved, custom-made Oral Device for Sleep Apnea or a CPAP - delivered to your home. Based on your test results and sleep history, BlueSleep will recommend the best treatment for your sleep problem.

A man illustrates how to use a home sleep test device

Diagnosis and treatment of snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders. Licensed in NY, NJ, FL, CA, TX, VA.