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The Dangerous Side Effects of Acid Reflux Drugs

Read what Dr. Stern has to say about The Dangerous Side Effects of Acid Reflux Drugs

Dr. Stern with Dr. Oz & Arianna Huffington

The Dr. Oz show, and Arianna Huffington, organized a free sleep clinic in NYC.

Sleep Paralysis - Dr Stern Interviewed by WPIX TV 11

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying and relatively common condition.

BlueSleep is Currently Offering Telemedicine Sleep Consultations in More U.S. States

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Napping on the job? "Absolutely," says Dr. Stern - WCBS-TV NY Interview

The Benefits of Napping: The Power Nap at the Office

The Cost of Poor Sleep - Epoch Times

Sleep apnea tolls the health of tens of millions.

Unrested and Untested

Millions of Americans and their doctors don’t know they have sleep apnea.

Reflux and Sleep - Sleep "Chief Nourisher of Life's Feast" (Macbeth, Shakespeare)

Reflux can result in sleep disturbances by causing arousals every time a reflux episode occurs

What Dr. Stern Thinks About Sleep Apps

Read an article where Dr. Stern answers questions about sleep apps and how they can be used.

Dr. Stern - One of Twenty Sleep Experts Who Give Their Top Sleep Tips

Dr. Stern is the Founder and CEO of the first BlueSleep center in New York City.

Happy 2018 from BlueSleep

BlueSleep TeleMedicine is Welcoming 2018 with 2017 Year in Review

BlueSleep in Business Insider

Dr Stern and BlueSleep were featured in Business Insider.