January 24, 2021

How to fall asleep quickly? BlueSleep's Toolkit for Better Sleep

How to fall asleep quickly? BlueSleep's Toolkit for Better Sleep

Everyone wants to have a good night’s rest, but getting it is not always easy. Fear not! There are many quick and easy ways to improve your sleep. Here are a few tips and tricks from Dr. Jordan Stern for getting a better night’s sleep.

Plan Your Life Around Sleep

Build into your schedule enough time for you to get enough rest. It is easy to put off going to sleep when other activities seem more important. Set yourself a bedtime and stick to it!

Have a Bedtime Routine

You did it when you were a kid, so why not as an adult too? Brush your teeth, turn off your screens, and calm your mind down. Light from monitors and phones makes it hard for you to fall asleep quickly. Start trying to “power down” two hours before bedtime.

Watch What You Eat

Acidic, high fat, and spicy foods cause brain arousals during the night which prevents REM sleep. Alcohol also affects the brain in the same way. Be sure not to eat or drink too close to bedtime to ensure that REM sleep occur uninterrupted.

Eye Masks and Ear Plugs Before Mattresses and Drapes

Just because something is fancy or expensive does not mean that it will solve all your sleep problems. Sometimes the simpler solution is best. Be sure to try little things before jumping into more expensive options.

Be sure to check out the Sleep Library  to go more in depth on many of these solutions.

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