January 25, 2021

Sleep Disorders Treatments: an Overview

Sleep Disorders Treatments: an Overview

Sleep disorders are a lot more common than you think and while some are more prevalent than others the best approach for treating them is by taking an integrative and customized approach. Diagnosis is often the biggest battle in overcoming a sleep disorder but the second biggest battle is getting the proper treatment.

In the same way that the medical community is specialized and not trained in sleep disorders they are also not trained in treatments. If you go to a psychologist or psychiatrist they will prescribe medication. If you go to your primary sleep doctor they will prescribe a sleep lab or medication. If you go to the sleep lab they will tell you that a CPAP is the only appropriate treatment even though it is only necessary for severe cases of sleep apnea and doesn’t work for half of the patients who use it. A dentist will tell you to get a mouthpiece to sleep with.

There are a variety of treatments available but its important to look at your own situation holistically to find what will work for you. There are in office minimally invasive nose and throat procedures, tongue-base radiofrequency treatments, custom-made oral appliance therapy; as well as tongue strengthening exercises, dietary recommendations and weight loss, relaxation music, insomnia treatments, silent acid reflux treatment, and positional and behavorial sleep therapy as well as melatonin and herbal sleeping aids. Talk to our board certified sleep specialists to get help now.

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